The business administration major requires completion of 18 semester hours. For graduation, students must achieve an overall GPA of 2.0 in the major. Business administration majors may not count more than six semester hours or two courses from either track toward a different major.

This major provides a strong grounding in all areas of managing large and medium businesses and is appropriate for those who do not wish to specialize in a particular functional area. It is useful for:

  • those who may want to enter a management training program with a future employer;
  • those who may want to attend graduate school in fields such as business or law.

Business Administration Major (18 semester hours)

  One upper level economics elective 3
  One upper level finance elective 3
  One upper level management or human resources elective 3
  One upper level marketing elective 3
Two upper level business electives which may include

Business Administration Internship
Independent Research Study

Courses listed in the business core may not be used for filling the requirements of the business administration major.

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