Business Subjects

Business Subjects - Business Core (30 credits)

ACC-210Introduction to Accounting 3
ACC-220Managerial Uses of Accounting 3
ECO-200Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECO-201Principles of Microeconomics3
Fundamentals of Management and Org Behavior3
Marketing Principles3
FIN-220Introduction to Finance 3
BUS-300Social and Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS-400Strategic Management and Policy 3
 Leadership Elective - Choose one of the following:
   LDP-398 Co-op Experience Seminar
   LDP-200 Foundations of Leadership
   LDP-220 Service Learning through Minding Our Business
   MGT-355 Team Management
   MGT-363 Management Skills


Business Analytics and Technology (9 credits)

Information Systems Essentials 3
CIS-385Management Information Systems* 3
MSD-340Production and Operations3

*Students may take GSC-385 to satisfy this requirement.

Professional Development (3 credits)**

CBA-102Career Planning and Perspectives I 1
CBA-202Career Planning and Perspectives II 1
CBA-302Career Planning and Perspectives III1

**Transfer students can take MGT-336 Career Management as a substitute for the Professional Development requirement.

International Business Requirement (6 credits)

Choose two of the following courses:
   ADV-369 International Advertising
   BUS-375 International Business Law
   CBA-315 Global Business Study Tour
   CBA-316 Nature‚Äôs Business Study Tour
   CBA-317 Emerging Nations Study Tour
   CBA-490 Independent Study: Global Business
   CIS/GSC-375 Advanced Seminar in Global Outsourcing
   ECO-305 International Trade and Investment
   ECO-315 Comparative Economic Systems
   ECO-365 The Post-Soviet Economy and U.S. Business
   ENT-375 International Entrepreneurship
   FIN-308 International Finance
   MGT-375 International Management
   MKT-330 International Marketing

Major Requirements (18 credits)***

***Accounting and Advertising majors take 24 credits of major requirements. Computer Information Systems majors take 21 credits of major requirements. Global Supply Chain Management majors take 27-30 credits of major requirements.