CBA EDGE Student Testimonials

The CBA EDGE helped me adjust from life in high school to life in college.  Taking classes with the people you live with is very beneficial and promotes a bond among the members of the community.  Not only do you form meaningful friendships, you also have a group of students to study with.  I am still in contact with the friends I made, and I feel the joining was one of the best decisions I’ve made in college thus far!
-Justin Geissler

The CBA EDGE has affected my life in many positive ways.  As an incoming freshman, this program made it easier for me to meet people and start establishing relationships quickly.  Having the familiar faces of my fellow community members in my classes created a much more comfortable environment, essentially making learning easier.  Now as a second semester sophomore, I have remained close with some group members.  The CBA EDGE made transitioning into college so much easier for me, and I wouldn't have had my freshman year any other way.
-Stefanie Santucci

The CBA EDGE has helped me adapt to college life both academically and socially. Taking classes and living with the same group of students helped me to make friends and maintain these friendships in subsequent semesters. My fellow CBA EDGE classmates have served not only as great friends but also as academic supports. Even now, as sophomores, we still take classes together and study with each other since we are all business majors.  These relationships would not have been made as easily without being part of CBA EDGE.
-Dana Kaplan

Being a member of the CBA EDGE was one of the best things that could have happened to me.  I was around students with the same interest as me and teachers that cared about the well being of their students.   I felt a sense belonging at Rider.  I am still close friends with students who were also in the community, and overall, it helped me grow, not only as a business student, but as a person.  I can easily say that because of the CBA EDGE I was able to get involved in other organizations and feel comfortable with my transition from high school to college.  My freshman year would not have been as successful as it was had it not been for the CBA EDGE!
-Emily Weston