MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT Research Participation

Faculty researchers in the Department of Management will sometimes conduct studies that utilize student populations. These studies will be listed on this space. If you would like to volunteer to participate in any of these studies, please contact the individual researcher directly.  


Study:  Personal Characteristics, Beliefs and Practices, and Decision-Making in Organizations
Description: In the current study, we are exploring how various aspects of your personality and belief systems influence your approach to dealing with ambiguous workplace situations. Participants in this research will complete an online survey. This survey collects some descriptive information such as demographic data, personality factors and religious beliefs and practices. Then, the survey will present six hypothetical workplace situations and ask for your thoughts about handling them.
Other details: This is an entirely online survey that should take around 30-45 minutes to complete.
Contact Person: Dr. Eugene Kutcher,

Study: Exploring Applicant Reactions in the Job Search Process
Description: It is important for organizational researchers and practitioners to understand what job seekers are thinking and perceiving as they progress through their job search. If you are currently searching for a job (or internship), we would like to hear about your reactions and experiences (for example, what do potential employers do or say that make your more interested or less interested in the job?). To participate in this research, we ask you to complete a survey at three different points – once at the beginning of your job search, once while you are actively interviewing, and once when you have accepted or rejected a job offer.
Other details: Only students who are actively seeking employment should volunteer. You are asked to complete three surveys (although we will accept all participation, even if it is only one or two surveys). Each survey is entirely online and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
Contact Person: Dr. Eugene Kutcher,

Study: The Job Selection Process: Influences on Interviews and Ability Tests
Description: The purpose of this study is to investigate how individuals view the job interview process, and what factors influence performance during common selection instruments. After answering a few questions about yourself in an e-mailed survey, you will be invited to report to a laboratory setting that simulates a job interview. During this activity, you will (a) watch a short film depicting an interview for an insurance sales agent and (b) take an ability test that is similar to what many employers might assign to their candidates. Then, you will answer some questions about your perceptions of these two activities
Other details: This in-person lab activity should take approximately 75 minutes to complete. Dates for the activity will start in late February.
Contact Person: Dr. Eugene Kutcher,

Other Information

Note that all research studies that are listed have been approved by Rider University’s Institutional Review Board.