Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to obtain an internship during the course of their studies.  An internship provides an opportunity for students to gain pre-professional work experience in the business world and also helps students gain an appreciation of what it is like to be a workforce member.  Additionally, it provides an understanding of the concepts learned in the classroom and how they can be applied in a live work environment. Opportunities for full-time internships are mostly offered in summer.  Part-time internships are usually available in the spring and fall.  Occasionally, short-term externship opportunities are available during winter break depending on the employer’s needs.

There are two types of internships:

Noncredit Internships
Help students acquire a sense of being a part of the business workforce.  If you major does not require an internship or you are not in need of academic credit, noncredit internships are a great way to obtain skill building experience.

There are many ways that you can secure a noncredit internship:

  1. Opportunities are posted on the main bulletin board on the second floor of Sweigart.
  2. You can search for internships electronically through Broncs Career Link
  3. You can see the Associate Director of Career Services in SWG 214 for more information.

For Credit Internships
Provide students with “real world” experience while gaining credit hours toward their respective degree.  Some research projects may be required as part of the academic coursework.  For credit internships must be pre-approved by their respective departmental faculty supervisor.

Following are the steps needed to ensure approval for a credit bearing internship:

  1. Secure an internship
  2. Get approval of the internship from a faculty member.
  3. Fill out the internship form.
  4. Obtain FINAL approval for internship from the CBA Dean’s Office.

CBA Faculty Internship Supervisors

Accounting Marge O'Reilly 609-895-5505
Advertising Michelle Amazeen 609-895-5538
Business Administration Ira Sprotzer 609-896-5280
Economics Maury Randall 609-895-5584
Entrepreneurial Studies/Management/Human Resources Eugene Kutcher 609-896-5203
Finance David Suk 609-895-5470
Global Supply Chain Management Tan Miller 609-895-5517
Information Systems Jia Shen 609-895-5535
Management Sciences Lan Ma Nygren 609-896-5170 
Marketing Larry Newman  609-895-5547