All CBA students can apply for co-op opportunities.

Co-ops are credit bearing, work experiences that provide you with a chance to apply what you have learned in class to a “real life” setting. Moreover, co-op students may receive full-time job offers at the end of their co-op cycles pending graduation. Co-ops earn anywhere from 6 to 9 credits depending on departmental policy, which enables you to maintain a full time student status and allows you to remain on target for your expected graduation date.

The approximate amount of working hours required for a co-op will be a minimum of 35 hours per week. Additionally, co-ops may involve written assignments related to your work experience as required by your academic co-op supervisor. Please see your co-op supervisor for the exact requirements.

Co-Op Professional Development Course
The course was developed to expose students to appropriate interdisciplinary content, ethical principles, professionalism, group and organizational behavior, interpersonal communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The ability to work on skills for being part of a successful work team as they transition from classroom to work place will be incorporated into most class work.
Co-Op Seminar Course Syllabus (.pdf)

Download Co-Op Application and Forms