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Rider students, both the graduate and undergraduate teams, are national champions in the SBI competition 2014!
The Small Business Institute®, led by Dr. Ronald Cook, provides confidential consulting to small businesses and organizations by teams of graduate or senior business students during an academic semester, under faculty supervision.

Pictured from left to right Dr. Ronald Cook, graduate winner Kimberley Cook, undergraduate winners Caroline Romanelli and Kai Wright, and President Mordechai Rozanski, from back left to right graduate winners Jeremey Hopewell and Matthew Nowlin

Read more about the 2014 Dual National Winners Awards Luncheon

The objectives of the SBI are to:

  • Enhance students’ critical thinking ability through an exceptional experiential learning process.
  • Provide substantial consulting assistance to local small businesses/organizations who participate in the SBI program.
  • Strengthen the local economy through the efforts of these student consultants.

In the SBI program, the students serve as consultants. They learn by direct involvement with a small firm/organization, helping the CEO solve problems and analyze opportunities. They meet with the firm to discuss opportunities or problems that need to be analyzed. They provide a firm with a written report and make a presentation of its findings at the end of the semester.  The types of assistance will vary based on a firm's needs.

Students gain an understanding of the wide range of decisions and choices that a firm must consider. They learn what information is important to focus on, decide what action needs to be taken, and then take that action.  The knowledge and confidence gained by these students from a consulting experience helps prepare them for the next stage of their career.  Companies who participate help the students grow by their active participation in the consulting process.

Students and Companies/Organizations:

To learn more about Rider's SBI, please watch our video that explains how our program operates and its benefits.

Please email Dr. Ron Cook at [email protected] for further information.

National Small Business Institute

There are numerous other SBI programs located in the United States and around the world and you may find a program near you.

One of the best places to visit is the National Small Business Institute® (SBI) web site:

SBI is the professional association of over 200 Small Business Institutes at colleges and universities around the world.