The course is about hands-on spreadsheet and database work, and descriptive or conceptual study of IT security along with current trends of interest to managers.  At present, the current trends we study are Business Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

For hands-on spreadsheet work, we use Microsoft EXCEL, version 2007 or later.  Our study materials come from the Haas School of Business at UC, Berkeley.  Click here for study materials

Study the hand outs and practice files for Essential Workbook Techniques, Power of Calculations, Presenting Data with Charts, Data Analysis with Functions, and Pivot Tables.  All these modules are available for 2007, and three are available for 2010.

For database work, we use Microsoft Access. We begin with a short conceptual overview:

Our hands-on work uses the Northwind Traders database, which you can download here (Microsoft Access database).  We use two tutorials:

Our readings for security, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Computing include the following:

On the exam, you will be expected to discuss an application of your own choosing in terms of the concepts covered in the readings.