Each year the EMBA class travels to an emerging area of the world to explore issues associated with doing business internationally in an emerging economy as a part of their International Business Seminar with Travel. 

This seminar consists of several pre-departure class meetings designed to update students on the current cultural and business issues that are being faced in our focal economy, while also providing them with background knowledge about the culture and context present in each location. 

The international seminar is viewed by many as one of the highlights of the Rider EMBA experience that helped to broaden their business perspectives.

Rider's EMBA International Seminar visits have included:

South Africa (Class of 2015)
Students visited both Cape Town and Johannesburg during their 10-day journey to South Africa in June.  Highlights of the seminar included business visits to a variety of firms in the technology, finance, wine production and marketing sectors, as well as discussions with leaders at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  The trip also included visits to significant cultural sites, including Nelson Mandela’s house, the Apartheid museum, and Table Mountain National Park

Brazil (Class of 2014) | View photos
Students visited both Sao Paolo and Rio as a part of their journey to Brazil in May and June. Highlights of the seminar included business visits to firms in the eco-tourism, air transportation, finance, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as visits to significant cultural sites such as Iguacu Falls, Corcovado, and Sugarloaf.  Read more about this trip.

Chile and Argentia (Class of 2013) | View photos
During the 10 day experience, corporate and cultural visits included discussions on the economic outlook and political environments in both countries from the perspective of executives working in these countries. 

Highlights in Chile included business visits to multinational firms in the technology, finance, entertainment, energy, and venture capital sectors in Santiago.  The group also enjoyed the historic sites of Valparaiso, as well as a tour of a Chilean vineyard to learn about their production and export processes.

In Argentina, the group visited the U.S. Embassy at the Ambassador's residence in Buenos Aires as well as Argentina's Ministry of Technology and Innovation. They toured an impressive bio-pharmaceuticals plant, and met with met with executives to discuss IT outsourcing as well as venture capital strategies in Argentina. Historical and cultural visits around the city of Buenos Aires and a day trip to the Tigre Delta rounded out the trip.

Vietnam and China (Class of 2011) | View photos and details of trip
Highlights included participating in meetings with HSBC Bank, attending an economic presentation at the U.S. Consulate, and networking with the largest infrastructure company in Vietnam. 

Commentary on the EMBA International Business Seminar from Mahesh Shama, EMBA 2011

Dear Professors, 

I wanted to personally thank you for providing me the opportunity for an outstanding educational tour. I feel short of words to sum up the wide exposure that came my way via this whole international experience. 

This travel was not only perfectly organized but consistently engaging, extremely informative and exceptionally inspiring. It has successfully broadened the horizon for all the students, further educating us on the current events in the business world. Most importantly, your past personal experiences were invaluable to encourage me throughout this educational travel. 

I can confidently say Rider University’s passion and perfection to minute details has inspired more students than you will ever know. 

Last but not the least; I want to specially thank Professor Benchener for organizing the visits to U.S. Consulate offices. 

Thank you again! 

Mahesh Shama