Executive Center for Education and Development (EXCEED)

Preparing Leaders for Change: Preparing Leaders of Change

Great leaders not only confront the challenges of change, they recognize and seize the opportunities they offer for innovation and success.

Successful organizations understand the importance of investing in the knowledge, growth, skills development and training of their best and brightest. The new ideas, fresh perspectives and increased morale these individuals bring to their jobs as a result can become your organization's mightiest asset, helping you remain innovative and competitive.

Custom-developed consulting and executive education such as that offered by EXCEED can help develop the kind of leaders your organization needs in the future.

Seminars may be taken individually or as part of a series, depending upon the needs of the client organization. Delivery, in terms of timing and location, is flexible.

Dr. Larry M. Newman
Co-Executive Director of EXCEED
Mr. Boris Vilic
Co-Executive Director of EXCEED
Mr. Mark Kasrel
Director of Corporate Outreach


For more information, please contact EXCEED at:
609-896-5033 or exceed@rider.edu

“I have had an executive coaching relationship with Mark Kasrel, who is currently on the leadership team of EXCEED, for 20 years. My goal was to have Mark work with my high performers at Sensors to get them from good to excellent. Sensors Unlimited was sold in 2000 for $700 million and, judging by the results, he made a huge difference - not just financially. To this day, I believe Mark had a lot to do with making Sensors Unlimited a great company to work for.”

Gregory H. Olsen, Ph.D. is President of GHO VENTURES
*Greg was the third private citizen to orbit the earth on the International Space Station.