Ethics/Multicultural Courses

Ethics & Multicultural Studies Courses Recommended

AMS 210 Growing Up American
AMS 212 American Ethnic Groups: Irish, Jewish, and Italian
AMS 227 The Philosophy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
AMS 229 American Popular Culture
AMS 305 Religion in America

BUS 315 Health Care Law, Ethics, and Policy

CBA 220 Minding our Business

CHI 310 Chinese Culture and Civilization

COM 252 Intercultural Communication
COM 302 Communication Ethics
COM 390 Communication & Society: Issues & Movements

ENG 229 Multi-Ethnic Literature in America
ENG 445 Seminar in Black and Multi-Ethnic Literature

GMS 180 International Dimensions of an Integrated World
GMS 200 The Social Construction of Global Society
GMS 325 Global Perspectives on Health and Illness

GND 100 Introduction to Gender Studies
GND 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies
GND 313 Gender and Ethics

HTH 315 Health Care Law, Ethics, and Policy

LAW 140 Introductory Seminar in Law and Justice
LAW 304 Women and Law

MCS 110 Race, Class, Gender in Contemporary American Society
MCS 220 Issues in Multicultural Studies

MGT 320 Managing Workforce Diversity
MGT 375 International Management

MKT 305 Social Issues in Marketing

PHL 115 Ethics
PHL 202 Social Philosophy
PHL 203 Business Ethics
PHL 230 Philosophy of the Sexes
PHL 255 American Ethics
PHL 304 Medical Ethics PHL 360 Contemporary Ethics

POL 235 Race and Ethnicity in American Politics
POL 280 Sex and Politics

PSY 218 Psychology of Women
PSY 381 The Psychology of Gender

SOC 101 The Sociological Imagination
SOC 110 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 207 Racial and Ethnic Relations
SOC 252 Media, Culture and Society
SOC 311 Social and Cultural Change
SOC 320 Religion and Belief System
SOC 330 Social Inequality

SPA 311 Latin American / Latino Culture

SPE 202 Society and Individuals with Disabilities