The mission of the Entrepreneurial Studies Club (ESC) is to help individuals who are either in business, thinking about going into business and/or majoring/minoring in Entrepreneurial Studies. The club provides a forum for successful entrepreneurs to speak at Rider, provides opportunities for student entrepreneurship and generally enhances the students' entrepreneurial spirit.

Reasons To Join The Entrepreneurial Studies Club

  1. The Entrepreneurial Studies Club is a way to meet other individuals who are interested in the same hobbies and passions. This club can potentially help individuals meet future business partners or give individuals an opportunity to make new friends (network).
  2. The Entrepreneurial Studies Club gives individuals an opportunity to discuss their business ideas and potentially make them happen through the Student Venture Experience.

*Please e-mail with any questions or concerns.

New Tools for the Club

Canvas – All members of the Entrepreneurial Studies Club are added to a Canvas organizational tool. Here we are able to collaborate as a group on different topics via discussion boards. Also, it is a way to check on club updates and meeting information.

Photos from Greg Olsen's Presentation