Fall 2013 Semester Visit

Mr. Stoeckel conducted his first visit as CDLS Fellow on November 14, 2013.  During his time on campus, Mr. Stoeckel met with two different student groups, one group of first and second year student leaders and one group of senior leaders, to provide them mentoring, guidance, and advice based upon their current leadership developmental levels. 

For the campus community, Mr. Stoeckel gave a presentation that took participants through his leadership journey and lessons as CEO of Wawa, Inc.  A believer that leadership is a life-long journey, he shared his philosophy that leaders have the responsibility to serve others.  Additionally, leadership must be about keeping things simple, thinking big, and coloring outside of the lines (which he remembers to do by keeping a 6’ crayon in his office!).  He is an advocate of “Leadership Challenge” by Kouzes & Posner which promotes five leadership practices: 1) modeling the way, 2) inspiring a shared vision, 3) challenging the process, 4) enabling others to act, and 5) encouraging the heart. 

Spring 2014 Semester Visit

On February 11, 2014, Mr. Stoeckel started his visit by presenting to an Honors section of a Strategic Management and Policy class.  During his time with the students, he spoke about the various strategic decisions that were made during his time at Wawa, how they succeeded or failed, and what lessons were learned.  He also spoke about Wawa’s recent decision to place stores in Florida and gave the students insight into how those decisions were made.  He stressed that all decisions and changes that a company makes must be informed by the company’s core values, as well as serve those who work and patronize the business.

He also met with two student groups – the Senate (composed of various SGA leaders) and a group of LDP members.  He, once again, was able to connect with the students, answer any questions they had about their leadership and future careers, and provide them with advice, guidance, and lessons learned from his own leadership journey.