Rider's Areas of Business Expertise

Global Business Strategy

  • Strategic & Innovative Thinking
    This session challenges organizational leaders to understand, engage in and foster critical, innovative and creative thinking as they develop strategies and make decisions that leverage strengths of the functional areas of the organization.
  • Business Strategy Development
    This session considers the strategic process of studying and forecasting the external environment of the organization, assessing organizational strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and evaluating performance and progress toward those goals.
  • Global Ethics & the Environment
    Boards of directors, managers and shareholders are among the key players in corporate governance structures. The roles of these stakeholders and conflicts of interest that often arise among them will be considered along with approaches to mitigate those conflicts in an ethical manner.
  • Legal Environment of Global Business
    The strategies by which organizations interact with,adapt to and attempt to influence their external environments are explored. The role of regulatory agencies and the impact of local and national legislation on organizational behavior are considered.
  • Technology in Business
    This session focuses on the opportunities and challenges associated with managing technological resources, as well as how the effective management of information technology can improve competitive positioning and operational performance. Illustrations will be provided of how the effective integration of technological innovations can have a transformational impact on organizational performance.

Global Marketing

  • Issues in Supply Chain Management
    Increasingly, firms and their leaders have recognized that a well organized and managed supply chain represents a key ingredient in an organization’s efforts to remain competitive and successfully carry out its objectives. This session will provide an overview of the major components of global supply chains and how the interconnections of multiple firms and other entities, such as government agencies, collectively form one single, integrated supply chain.
  • Branding for Success
    Because brands are so valuable to the organizations that offer them and the consumers who purchase them, and because the marketplace has become increasingly complex and competitive, brand management is more important and challenging now than it ever has been. This session will consider the design and implementation of marketing programs and activities to build, measure and manage brand equity.
  • Marketing Plan Development
    The strategic marketing planning process will serve as the framework for reviewing the key aspects of developing a successful marketing plan. Beginning with organizational mission and marketing objectives, this session will then show how target market selection and the external business environment drive the development of product and the promotional, distribution and pricing strategies.

Global Finance

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis
    This session provides a managerially oriented focus on the aspects of financial accounting most relevant to business decision makers. This includes the ability to read, analyze and interpret financial information for decisions involving operating, investing and financing activities.
  • Corporate Performance Evaluation
    This session will emphasize how shareholder value is central in evaluating corporate performance. This session introduces multiple perspectives in evaluating the performance of the firm — among them are management control systems, financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis and the balanced scorecard.

Leadership and Skills Development

  • Business & Interpersonal Skills
    This session focuses on building an understanding of how leadership drives successful organizations and how leadership skills can be learned. Through an interactive approach, participants will develop the leadership acumen and interpersonal skills needed for effective organizational leadership, including gaining support for their ideas, promoting effective team dynamics and increasing motivation for an energetic workplace.
  • Global Team Building
    This session focuses on strategies for driving team performance. In addition to covering topics such as group development and group decision making, an emphasis will be placed on applying best practices to enhance team performance.
  • Presentation Skills
    In this session, participants will learn to communicate a powerful message with high-impact supporting visuals. Our expert professors will help participants learn how to target a message to each appropriate audience, and hone their communication and persuasion skills. Upon successful completion of this program, participants will become more effective and confident presenters and communicators.
  • Communication Skills
    In today’s global business environment, miscommunication is often a cause of conflict and lost revenue. This session will provide participants with an understanding of intercultural communication and the skills needed to utilize today’s workforce diversity to the organization’s maximum advantage.

Seminar Customization

Custom sessions can be developed based on the particular needs of your organization. Faculty and guest executive facilitators offer expertise on a wide range of functional and cross-functional topics. They also offer insights into contemporary business and economic issues, such as sustainability and outsourcing.