EXCEED Consulting Process

EXCEED professionals meet with representatives from the client organizations to identify the central challenges, needs and opportunities facing the organizations' leadership in terms of the knowledge, skills and abilities of its most valuable resources, its employees.  Through this collaborative exploration, specific goals and objectives are generated to guide EXCEED professionals as they create and customize an interactive and results-oriented program for delivery to the organization's middle through executive levels of leaders.  Whether in the form of workshops, seminars, certificate programs, individual coaching sessions, consultation or a combination of activities, the organization's human resources develop an enhanced understanding of specific business concepts, leadership skills and best practices that are immediately transferrable to the workplace.  While the needs of each partner organization differ, the end goal is the same: to exceed individual and organizational performance expectations. 

Information on previous seminars offered by EXCEED:

In-person Seminar on: Exploring Effective Online Marketing
Details available here.

In-person Seminar on: The Coaching Involved with Conflict Management & Resolution in the Workplace
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