LDP Executive Committee

The Leadership Development Program Executive Committee is a student committee comprised of LDP members that meet on a weekly basis throughout the semester to enhance their involvement in the LDP community and network with fellow members. Students earn points toward their required 200 co-curricular points to complete the program as they participate on the committee through  influencing the activities of the LDP, serving as a mentor for new LDP inductees, providing service opportunities for LDP members, and being an ambassador to the LDP and student leadership at Rider.

Executive Committee Goals for the Year

As a committee, we aim to be more proactive, involved, and expansive with our ideas than in the past. Our specific goals are stated below.

  1. Produce & Distribute a Monthly LDP Newsletter highlighting LDP’s accomplishments and standout members
  2. Engage New Members through our Mentor Affinity Program
    1. Affinity Groups: Business, Education, Liberal Arts, Community Service, Student Government/Politics
    2. Focus: Bonding, Networking, Acclimating to LDP
  3. Host & Participate in at least 1 social, skill-building, and community service event each semester
  4. Proactively Engage/Involve/Support LDP members, campus organizations, and community organizations
  5. Grow as team through team-builders, brainstorming ideas, and executing events
  6. Develop as leaders by seeking opportunities to grow and to help others

How can the LDP Executive Committee help you?

If you are in need of LDP support, know of an LDP member that should be highlighted in the newsletter, or would like to join the committee, please contact Louis Chebetar at cdls@rider.edu.

Meet the 2013–2014 LDP Executive Committee:

  • Sarah Bergen, Journalism and American Studies
  • Casey Gale, Journalism and American Studies
  • Nicolette Mateescu, Psychology
  • Nickie Papadopoulos, Business Administration
  • Christopher Ray, Public Relations
  • Hannah Bass, Elementary Education
  • Blaine Deangelis, Arts Administration
  • Jessica Fornal, English
  • Dakota (Cody) Jackson, Accounting
  • Allie Koury, Public Relations
  • Samantha Ruiz, Political Science
  • Samantha Schimek, Elementary Education
  • Amanda Sweeney, Psychology

Advisor: Louis Chebetar, Graduate Assistant LDP, Master of Accountancy, 2014