Students in the Sustainability Studies minor will take seven courses (23-24 credits) in environmental and social sciences, ethics and business. Sustainability-related courses that contribute to the minor are offered within many majors. The introductory course is deeply interdisciplinary, drawing on expertise from across the University in the social sciences, business, history, philosophy, ecology, physics and marketing. After this introduction, students are expected to complete an independent study or internship project on or off campus that provides hands-on experience with the complex tasks required to make systems more sustainable. The capstone course draws on the interests and expertise of the enrolled students who together will identify a specific sustainability challenge on the Rider campus and devise, implement and measure the effects of a plan to address it.

Sustainability Studies Course Requirements
(23-24 semester hours)

Course No. Course Title Credits
Foundation Courses
SUS 100 Introduction to Sustainability Studies 4
ENV 100 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 4
PHL 202 Social Philosophy 3
Economics and Business
One of:
CIS 411 Green Computing 3
ENT 444 Green Entrepreneurialism 3
ECO 335 Economics of the Public Sector* 3
GSC 115 Introduction to Global Supply Chain Management 3
Experiential Learning
SUS 300 Internship or Independent Project 3
Disciplinary Explorations
Select one
AMS 250 America and the Future 3
AMS 304 Technology and Science in America 3
BHP 231 Natural Adventures: Journeys in American Ecology and History 3
BHP 232 Issues at the New Jersey Shoreline - Science and Politics 3
BHP 259 The Environment: A Conflict of Interest 3
BIO 350 General Ecology 4
ENG 318 Food Writing 3
ENG 322 Workplace Writing: Grant Proposals, Fundraising and Development 3
ENV 200 Statistical and Computer Applications in the Natural Sciences 4
ENV 205 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3
ENV 220 Weather and Climate Change 4
HIS 224 American Environmental History 3
PHL 203 Business Ethics 3
PHL 320 Philosophy of Science 3
POL 215 Global Politics 3
POL 328 Environmental Policy and Politics 3
POL 329 Comparative Environmental Policy 3
SOC 225 Population Study 3
SOC 340 Power and Politics 3
SOC 350 Social Policy and Industrial Society 3
Capstone Course
SUS 400 Seminar in Sustainability Studies 3

*This course has a pre-requisite of ECO 201 and may only be appropriate for business majors.