The Social Work Minor Curriculum Requirements for the Social Work Minor (18–21 semester hours)
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I. Core Social Work Courses9
SOW-200Social Services and Social Work: An Introduction
An overview of the historical development of social work. Emphasis on current issues in social welfare and social service programs, including public welfare, mental health, medical services, child abuse/neglect, school social work and care for the elderly.
SOW-300Methods of Social Work Practice
Interviewing techniques are taught and practiced. Skills in forming and running small groups, working with community organizations and administering social programs are emphasized. Students will study how to gather pertinent psychosocial facts about clients, make an assessment, plan and intervention and successfully complete service to the client.
SOW-301Field Work Experience
Student will observe and work in a social service agency. They will study the structure of the agency as well as the people and roles within it, and develop helping skills with clients. Approximately six to eight hours of field work a week are required in addition to class sessions. Prerequisite:  SOW-200 and SOW-300 or permission of the instructor.
*May be taken twice in separate semesters for a maximum of six credits.
The social work courses are taught by experienced social workers with extensive knowledge of the field.
II. One course from each of the following groupings:
Group I  
Social Service Organizations
Social Policy
Group II**
Developmental Psychology I: Child
Developmental Psychology II: Adolescent-Adult
**PSY-100 is a pre-requisite for all Psychology courses.3

Group III
An additional course in a specific area of concentration relevant to social work, to be chosen in consultation with the Social Work Advisor.

  • Examples of such areas are: Aging, Human Service Organizations, Psychological Counseling, and Criminal Justice.

If you are interested in social work but do not wish to complete the full minor you may take one, two, or three of the core courses. If you select the Social Work minor you will also select a major. In this way you will be able to learn both the applied skills of social work and the knowledge base of another academic discipline. Information about any major in the University can be provided.

Please feel free to contact Dr. James Dickinson, Social Work Advisor, ( if you have any questions at all about social work. Dr. Dickinson will be happy to discuss the undergraduate course of study, field placement arrangements, career possibility, or graduate school.