JTerm: Tuition and Fees

JTerm Tuition Rates, Per Credit Hour

All undergraduate students for JTerm
$590 per credit [3 credits = $1,770]

Application (non-refundable) $50
Re-admission / Re-enrollment
(non-refundable) $30
Technology Fee
(per course) $40
JTerm Housing
  To Be Announced
JTerm Refund Schedule

  • Drop Prior to Monday, January 5: 100%
  • Drop Monday, January 5: 80%
  • Drop Tuesday, January 6: 60% 
  • No refunds after Tuesday, January 6

Financial Responsibility and Account Holds
Students are responsible to pay full tuition and fees unless they officially drop prior to the start of classes or within the refund period. Students with an account balance of $250 or more will not be allowed to register. Please contact the Bursar’s Office at 609-896-5020 regarding your account information.

Not attending, dropping and/or withdrawing from a course
Students are held responsible to officially drop or withdraw from a course. Students will not be automatically dropped or withdrawn if they stop attending class(es). Failure to officially drop or withdraw from a course by deadlines outlined in the JTerm Calendar will result in a grade of “F.” Students who do not attend any class meetings and do not officially drop will receive a grade of “N” and will be held responsible for the full cost of the course tuition.

Full-time Rider students must complete drop and/or withdrawal forms at the Registrar’s Office in Fine Arts, Room 117. All other students must drop and/or withdraw in the College of Continuing Studies office. All drops or withdrawals (student discretion only) must be done in person or in writing and faxed to the College of Continuing Studies at 609-896-5261.