Curriculum and Schedule

Course Requirements
Rider University's MBA Program requires a core of 31.5 credit hours of Breadth (Advanced) Course Requirements and 9 credit hours of Elective Courses. Students may also be required to take up to an additional 19.5 credit hours based on their academic record and course waivers.  A student must complete between 40.5 and 60 credit hours for an MBA, depending on the number of pre-program courses waived. Electives may be used to concentrate in the areas of entrepreneurship, global business, finance, management, information systems, corporate accounting for managers, or forensic accounting to enrich the MBA. Concentrations, which are an optional part of the MBA degree, may be completed by choosing specific electives that will be offered primarily on Rider’s Lawrenceville Campus.

Pre-Program Requirements - Courses
19.5 credit hours for non-business undergraduates, outdated course work, or course work that does not meet waiver standards

Course No.Course Title Credit
PMBA 8000 Executive Communications 1.5
PMBA 8010Information Technology Proficiency1.5
PMBA 8020Fundamentals of Accounting3
PMBA 8030Economic Analysis3
PMBA 8040Basic Financial Principles1.5
PMBA 8050Introduction to Calculus1.5
PMBA 8051Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis3
PMBA 8052Models and Methods of Operations Management1.5
PMBA 8060Basic Marketing Principles1.5
PMBA 8070Management Theory and Application1.5


A solid business math and calculus foundation is a pre-condition of the MBA program. This requirement may be met through prior undergraduate course work. Admitted students may also meet this requirement while in the program by successfully completing (with a grade of “B” or better) PMBA 8050 or an equivalent calculus course. Calculus is required for PMBA 8230. 

Breadth (Advanced) Course Requirements
31.5 semester hours

Course No.Course Title Credit
PMBA 8200 Managerial Decision Making 3
PMBA 8210Information Technology Management3
PMBA 8220Strategic Accounting for Managers3
PMBA 8230Managerial Economics3
PMBA 8240Applied Corporate Finance3
PMBA 8357Business Analytics (replacing PBMA 8250)3
PMBA 8260Marketing Analysis and Decision Making3
PMBA 8270Organizational Behavior3
PMBA 8290Legal and Ethical Aspects of Management3
PMBA 8880Strategic Management - must be taken concurrently with PMBA 8880L3
PMBA 8880Strategic Management Lab - must be taken concurrently with PMBA 88801.5

Elective Courses
(9 semester hours)
Students are required to complete 9 credit hours of electives to complete the program requirements.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) —
Waiver of Courses
A waiver of a course from pre-program requirements may be granted under the following conditions: 

  1. The pre-program courses may be waived if the student has graduated from an AACSB-accredited business program within five years prior to semester admitted, and the student has achieved a “B” or better in the equivalent course or sequence of courses.
  2. One or more pre-program courses may be waived if the student has achieved a “B” or better in an equivalent undergraduate course (at an accredited four-year institution) or an equivalent graduate course within six years prior to the semester admitted.
  3. One or more pre-program courses may be waived based on a combination of previous education and work experience at the discretion of the Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs.
  4. With the approval of the Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, students may take proficiency exams to test out of the pre-program requirement courses if the above criteria are not met. A grade of “B” or better is required on proficiency exams. Within the first year of matriculation, a student is able to take any of the proficiency exams in the subject areas on the specified exam dates. Students may not repeat any proficiency exams. 

If a student is granted a waiver for any pre-program requirements, the student is responsible for a satisfactory level of competency with the representative material. If necessary, the student should review and/or seek tutoring support for the waived material in preparation of advanced courses. Any appeal of a waiver decision based on previous course work must be made to the Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs within the first semester of the program.

It is possible for students to substitute an elective for an MBA Breadth Course in the following situations, so as not to duplicate course work that may have been done as an undergraduate: 

  1. Students with an undergraduate degree in Marketing who graduated in the last five years with at least a 3.0 in their marketing courses will not need to take PMBA 8260 Marketing Analysis and Decision Making. In its place, students must take an elective from the MBA program.
  2. Students with an undergraduate degree in Accounting who graduated in the last five years with at least a 3.0 in their accounting courses will not need to take PMBA 8220 Strategic Accounting for Managers. In its place, students must take an elective from the MBA program. 
Preliminary Course Schedule 
Academic Year 2014/2015

MBA courses for Bank of America students will be offered in a variety of locations, including the Bank of America Hopewell Campus, Rider's Lawrenceville Campus and online. This scheduling is structured to enable students to take the majority of courses at Hopewell, complemented by selected online courses. MBA courses offered on Rider University’s Lawrenceville Campus are also open to BofA employees.

Students can accelerate the completion of their degree by taking courses on both the Rider and the Hopewell Campuses. Each student will be assigned an academic advisor to plan his/her specific course of study and class schedule.

The MBA program will be offered on the BofA Hopewell Campus on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30–8:30 p.m. Each academic semester (fall and spring), summer session (summer I and summer II) and winter break term (J-Term) will have course work available. Online courses are offered to facilitate the timely completion of the degree.

Preliminary Course Schedule 2015/2016   Rider University MBA
Bank of America  Hopewell Campus

Summer I
Summer IIFallJanuary TermSpring

PMBA 8210
Information Technology Management
(3.0 cr)

PMBA 8230
Managerial Economics
(3.0 cr) - runs 12 weeks through summer II

PMBA 8230
Managerial Economics
(3.0 cr) continued from Summer I

PMBA 8010
Information Technology Proficiency
Online  (1.5 cr)

PMBA 8060
Basic Marketing Principles
Online – 1st session
(1.5 cr)

PMBA 8040
Basic Financial Principles
Online – 2nd session
(1.5 cr)

PMBA 8260
Marketing Analysis and Decision Making
(3.0 cr)

PMBA 8357
Business Analytics for Managers
(3.0 cr)

PMBA 8000
Executive Communications
(1.5 cr)

PMBA 8052
Models & Methods of Operations Mgmt
Online – 1st session (1.5 cr)

PMBA 8070
Basic Financial Principles
Online- 2nd session (1.5 cr)

PMBA 8270
Advanced Organizational Behavior
(3.0 cr)

PMBA 8880
Strategic Management with lab
(4.5 cr)

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Upcoming Events
Information sessions and individual student advising sessions for the Rider MBA program will be offered on the Hopewell Campus at the following times:

Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Outside Cafe C, Hopewell Campus
Stop by with your questions about the program.  No registration required. Current students may register for classes during advising hours.

To Learn More
For more information about or academic advising for the MBA Program please contact:

John Farrell
Assistant Dean, Graduate
Business Programs

Jean Cherney
Academic Coordinator, Graduate Business Programs

To register for the information sessions or schedule an individual advising session please contact:

Jamie Mitchell
Director of Graduate Admissions

For information on the Within Your Reach program please contact:

Vince Haas
Director, Employee Enablement
Global Wealth & Investment Management Technology
(609) 274-5951 (o)
(609) 575-9521 (c)

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