Program Schedules

The EMBA program will be comprised of two parts:

  • the first part sets expectations regarding what it means to operate at an executive level and then delivers a set of courses that provides a foundation of business concepts and basic leadership and team skills; 
  • the second part provides advanced courses on current topics that aspiring executives need to be conversant in to effectively operate in the business environment. 

The program will be somewhat shorter than the existing program, going from 21 to 16 months. In addition, Leadership Edge, a professional coaching program, will continue to be offered in the revised program and will be provided over the entire duration of the program. Like the current program, there would still be an international travel course, however that course will no longer serve as the capstone. Instead, there will be a new capstone course that emphasizes business strategy.

The unique structure of our Executive MBA program enables you to complete your degree in 16 months while continuing to meet your professional and personal responsibilities. Almost every Saturday, you take two classes and each course is 8 weeks long—seven classes with an exam or conclusion during the eighth week.

Rider University Executive MBA Program Schedule

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John Donovan

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