Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

The Center's Mission
To help individuals discover and nurture their entrepreneurial potential for the creation of new ventures and the enhancement of their entrepreneurial spirit.

The Center's Goal
We seek to provide individuals with the requisite tools to help them achieve their entrepreneurial potential through experiential learning.

If you would like to use the center for an event or activity please click the link to check the center’s availability times. To book a time, please reach out to Amber Kopp, G.A for the Entrepreneurial Studies Department,

Key Features of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Entrepreneurial Studies Success Story: Ari Bluestein


To find out more information, please contact:

Dr. Ronald Cook
Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
(609) 895-5522
Dr. Lee Zane
Director of Entrepreneurial Programs
(609) 895-5519