Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

The Center's Mission
To help individuals discover and nurture their entrepreneurial potential for the creation of new ventures and the enhancement of their entrepreneurial spirit.

The Center's Goal
We seek to provide individuals with the requisite tools to help them achieve their entrepreneurial potential through experiential learning.

Key Features of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

  • An undergraduate major and concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies

  • An undergraduate minor in Entrepreneurial Studies for non-business students.

  • Student Venture Fund (SVE) – Rider will provide seed money for CBA students to create their own ventures while they earn their undergraduate degree. The Student Venture Experience won a Best Practice Award at the Small Business Institute National Conference in San Diego.

  • Advisory Board – Entrepreneurs who can offer advice and guidance to students – currently used for SVE and SBI.

  • Student Competitions – Students regularly compete in Small Business Institute (SBI) and Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year competitions

  • The Entrepreneurial Studies Center is located in Swiegart 226 and is open Mon-Thurs 11:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. – CBA students have this location to brainstorm venture ideas. Check out pictures of the Center For Entrepreneurial Studies at the bottom of this page.

  • Join the Entrepreneurial Studies Club. Applications can now be found inside the center located in Swiegart 226.

  • In the Center For Entrepreneurial Studies you can find Business Plans that students from previous years have designed and written. These Business Plans are to be used for reference and guidance in creating your own Business Plan and Market Analysis. You may check these Business Plans out for one week. To do so you must visit Elizabeth Calderon in Room 370 of Sweigart Hall.

  • Click here to go to the Student Ventures Blog to read about participating in the Rider Student Venture Experience program or the Small Business Institute® program.

Entrepreneurial Studies Success Story: Ari Bluestein


To find out more information, please contact:

Dr. Ronald Cook
Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
(609) 895-5522
Dr. Lee Zane
Director of Entrepreneurial Programs
(609) 895-5519