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Classroom Reassignment Request Process

Deans’ offices will review requests that are based on a disability or pedagogical need, and if approved, will make a new room assignment directly from the Dean’s office.  Discretionary requests will be reviewed collectively by the Registrar after the Dean’s office reassignments are complete, and these will be met where space allows.  If you are satisfied with your room assignment, you do not need to do anything.

Pedagogical and Disability Reassignment Requests

You can make a reassignment request based on a disability or pedagogical need by filling out this electronic form:  Classroom Reassignment Request Form

This form will then be routed to your Dean’s office for review and your Dean will determine whether there is an unmet pedagogical or disability need and will make the room reassignment if one is necessary.

Absent a disability or pedagogical need confirmed by the Dean, your reassignment request will go into a discretionary request pool.  If your Dean decides that your reassignment request is for a reason other than pedagogy or disability, then he/she will forward the request to the Registrar who will consider it after all pedagogical or disability related requests have been addressed and if there are unscheduled classrooms available.

Discretionary Reassignment Requests

If you have a request not related to disability or pedagogy, select “Other/Discretionary” on the Classroom Reassignment Request Form

Your request will be routed to the Registrar’s Office for inclusion in the discretionary request pool.  No verbal or walk-in requests will be accepted. The Registrar’s office will then collectively consider all the discretionary reassignment requests and attempt to meet requests in an equitable fashion.  The Registrar’s office will notify you of the outcome of your reassignment request.

In all cases, when a reassignment is made after the semester begins, it is your responsibility to notify your students of the change in room.  You can do this via email through Canvas and/or you can post a sign on the door of your original classroom indicating the change.