Fall 2014: Graduate Business
Fall Semester 2014 – Graduate Business Administration
WednesdaySept. 3
Classes begin
Wednesday – TuesdaySept. 17 Oct. 21Withdrawal I – student discretion
WednesdayOct. 1Last day to file degree applications for December 2014
WednesdayOct. 15Second deferred-tuition payment due
Wednesday – TuesdayOct. 22 – Nov. 18Withdrawal II – consent of instructor
SaturdayNov. 15Third deferred-tuition payment due
Wednesday – FridayNov. 19 Dec. 5
Withdrawal III – psychological or physiological incapacity
Wednesday – SaturdayNov. 26 29
Thanksgiving Recess – No classes
SaturdayDec. 6
Fall semester classes end (at close of classes)
MondayDec. 8Fall semester exams begin
SaturdayDec. 13Final exams end
MondayDec. 15Spring 2015 degree applications due

Please review The Source for the complete policy regarding withdrawals.