Rider Achievement Program (RAP)

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What is RAP?

The Rider Achievement Program (RAP) is a unique academic program offered through Rider’s Student Success Center, where you are empowered with the strategies needed to be an independent and successful learner. RAP offers a highly specialized first-and second-year learning experience and is designed to give motivated students the assistance and guidance to achieve.

Who is accepted to RAP?

Real success in college and career requires that the individual fully realize his or her potential. Students are admitted through RAP because their academic record shows that they possess promise to succeed at Rider by taking advantage of the features of RAP that are designed to help develop talents and skills.

What are the unique features of RAP?

There are several components of the program that assist students in a successful transition:

  • All freshman students at Rider enroll in a Freshman Seminar that facilitates their transition to college. In this course, students become familiar with University services, learn about time management and faculty expectations, and receive guidance from a Freshman Seminar Coach and student Peer Assistant.
  • Students benefit from a dedicated faculty and staff who offer individualized attention and are supportive of students’ goals. These staff members will meet with you to continually assess your goals and achievements, and will provide academic and personal support when you need it.  Students benefit from this cluster of support in the first semester, as they enroll in a freshman seminar as well as at least one academic course that is supported by Supplemental Instruction, an innovative academic support program that takes place outside the classroom.  Supplemental Instruction helps students to develop effective study strategies relevant to the content of even the most challenging courses.
  • Students are admitted as Undecided majors. Upon successful completion of RAP at the end of your freshman year, students can declare the major of your choice.
  • In addition, students may be required to enroll in College Reading, a 3-credit course that will assist them in developing reading and study strategies and enable them to enhance their academic performance across the curriculum.
  • With this web of support, freshmen are able to enroll in a full, 15-credit course load in the first semester.

Summer Bridge Program

To become familiar with life at Rider, students participate in an experience unique to the Rider Achievement Program: the two-week Summer Bridge Program. This mandatory program takes place two weeks before the semester starts and provides students with a great opportunity to meet fellow students and transition into the Rider community. This intensive program will introduces students to campus resources created to help manage the challenges students encounter and provide a peer support network. The program provides a strong mix of academic work with community building activities and will help students develop effective learning and study strategies and facilitate social, campus and community interaction.The program helps develop effective learning and study strategies and facilitate social, campus, and community interaction.

Peer Assistance Program

  • Peer Assistants are mentors who support students with their social transition from high school to college
  • Learning Assistants are peer tutors who support students with their academic transition from high school to college
  • Both Peer and Learning Assistants continue to support the students throughout their first year

Freshman Seminar

All Rider first-year students enroll in a freshman seminar -  some topics include:

  • Time management
  • Effective note-taking strategies
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Career interests and options

Specialized Advising and Coaching

  • Each RAP first year student is assigned a faculty advisor as well as a RAP coach. The RAP Coach is also their Freshman Seminar Leader
  • Faculty advisors work with the students to strengthen their understanding of the curriculum and registration procedures
  • RAP coaches meet regularly with the students to assess their transition concerns, academic progress, and tutoring needs. Examples of possible referrals: Tutoring Services for content tutoring or Supplemental Instruction, SSC Writing Lab for assistance with writing or study strategies, Counseling Center, Services for Students with Disabilities, Career Services

Tutoring Opportunities

  • Supplemental Instruction for at least one course
  • Writing Tutoring
  • Additional tutoring through the Student Success Center also encouraged

Workshops and Events

Examples of Spring workshops and events offered:

  • Remembering How to Remember: How to Learn, Store and Retrieve New Information
  • Motivation
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Final Exam Preparation Strategies
  • Am I Considering the Right Major?
  • Making Good Decisions for Healthy Living
  • End of Semester RAP Celebration

Benefits of the Rider Achievement Program

  • RAP coaches who work closely with RAP students throughout the first three semesters
  • Individualized academic support: assistance with study strategies, with a focus on self management areas
  • Supportive environment, both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Peer Assistance Program, helping ease their transition from high school to college
  • Tutorial support to supplement and reinforce the classroom experience
  • A sense of belonging and community on Rider's campus
  • Students are prepared to matriculate into the degree program of their choice
  • Students achieving a 2.75 cumulative GPA at the end of the first year are eligible to receive a renewable grant valued from $1,000 to $2,000 per year

For more information, please contact Jennifer Chiaramonti at chiaramonti@rider.edu or at (609) 896-5238.