Independent Scholarship & Creative Activities Presentations (ISCAP) Day

One of the most important and unique parts of a Rider education is the opportunity for students to use his or her classroom education to independently pursue an issue, question, composition, or project under the advisement of one of our knowledgeable and accomplished faculty. But just as essential is the opportunity for a student to present their results in a community forum; research and creative works bear no meaning unless they can be communicated to the public in an accurate and engaging manner.

Independent Scholarship & Creative Activities Presentations (ISCAP) Day is the opportunity for students to celebrate their research accomplishments by sharing their hard work and creativity with an audience of friends, family, and the entire Rider Community. It is also meant as a forum for members of the Rider community—both faculty and students—to come together in an interdisciplinary dialogue inspired by students’ creative projects. This is an invaluable opportunity to discover and learn about all the engaging, cutting-edge research and innovative activities that are being pursued on the Lawrenceville and Princeton campuses.

All Rider students are invited to present their research or creative projects conducted within a classroom setting, as well as those carried out in Independent Study or Internships. This may be anything including internship and service-learning experiences, film clips, literature research, photo journals, artistic, musical, and theatrical compositions, written memoirs or fiction stories, and posters or oral presentation of scientific experimental results.

Another very important purpose for ISCAP Day is to announce new URSA scholarship recipients, as well as to hear about the progress made among last year’s URSA award winners on their year-long projects. This portion of the day is particularly important as we honor some of the most gifted undergraduates at Rider for their monumental accomplishments.

When is ISCAP Day?
ISCAP Day is on Wednesday May 7, 2014. This is the reading day in the middle of final exams.

How Do I Participate?
The application is due Friday, April 25 at 3:00 PM.  Please download the application in Microsoft Word format or PDF and send electronically to Dr. Brooke Hunter at

Student presenters and their advisors will be contacted by the organizing committee about the time and place of the presentation as soon as possible.

For more information about ISCAP Day, contact Dr. Brooke Hunter, Associate Professor in the Department of History, and Chair of the selection committee, at 609-896-5378 or