Upper-Level Courses

Upper-Level BHP Courses Spring 2014

BHP 211 - Seminar: Theories of Justice and the American Common Law
Tues. eve. 6:30-9:30   Profs. J. Castagnera and J. Mendilow
Examines some of the ‘perennial’ theories of justice, both classical and modern, that have left their mark on the evolution of Western concepts of justice. The practical implications of such theories and the two-way traffic between them and social realities will be explored through their application by the American courts. In addition to studying actual cases, students will participate in the adjudication of theoretical cases, both fictional and taken from contemporary realities. Core: Social Sciences; AMS elective; LAW elective

BHP 213 - Honors Seminar: Text and Context
Wed. 6:30—9:30   Profs. P. Brown and A. Wilner
Studies the major themes of a period of cultural change as they are expressed in important social, scientific, literary, and artistic works. Students will immerse themselves in a single major literary work and will interpret it in light of a number of coordinate texts and works from a range of historical periods and genres. The text and context for spring 2014 are George Orwell’s 1984 and Cold-War Journalism.  Core: Literature OR  Social Sciences

BHP 224 Honors Seminar:  Worlds Apart: Global Perspectives on Development and Inequality
O period (TTH 4:30-6pm) Profs. J. Dickinson and R. McDonald
Examines the causes and patterns of uneven societal development in the world today. Students will learn about ways to assess societal development, theories advanced to explain uneven development, and historical and contemporary factors such as colonialism and globalization influencing global inequalities. Consequences of increasing global inequality for the well-being of populations throughout the world are also discussed.  Core: Social Sciences; GLS elective

BHP 259 – Honors Seminar: The Environment: A Conflict of Interest
Taught on WCC campus
Thurs. eve. 6:30-9:30 Profs. M. Brogan and P. Mosto
Examines critical environmental issues such as global warming; food, water and energy resources; population trends; and global industrialization. Topics for context will include the origin of the elements, the origin of solar systems, and the origin of life as well as the basic principles of the current biotechnical revolution. Scientific understanding will be combined with knowledge about strategies for raising community awareness in order to (re)formulate public policy. Core: Science OR Social Science; ENV elective

BHP 300 - Honors Seminar: Cultural Politics
Taught on WCC campus
Wed. eve. 6:30-9:30  Profs. J. Penna and B. Seldes
Focuses on the musical and political life of the American composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein. We will explore the figure of Bernstein - his performing and creative life, his status as cultural icon and celebrity - against the pulse of New York City’s cultural scene during the 1950’s and 60’s. Musical works by Bernstein, Copland, Thomson and Rorem will be discussed, as well as analysis of literature by Auden, Whitman, O’Hara, Ferlinghetti and others. We will also look at the role of jazz and the visual arts in the cultural milieu of the time. Core: Social Science OR Literature