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There's no place for passive learning at Rider. As a student, you will be encouraged to take advantage of numerous opportunities for hands-on learning. You and your classmates might form a consulting team to advise a community agency on a problem. You may be selected as a research assistant on a professor's nationally funded research project or decide to pursue your own independent interests. If you're like most Rider students, you'll complete at least one professional internship or practicum in your major. Many students do two or more internships, allowing them to test their interests and network with professionals.  

Honors Programs

Enhance your college experience through richer, deeper learning.  As an Honors student at Rider, you’ll delve into issues, consider topics from different perspectives, think with independence and imagination, and form lasting bonds with your classmates.

Internships & Co-Ops

Rider's professional internships give you the chance to develop an impressive career-building resume - but they also offer you the chance to test our major so you can experience wh

Research Opportunities

One of the best things about the Rider experience is the opportunity students have to collaborate with faculty.

Study Abroad

There's nothing more exciting than traveling to an unfamiliar country to study or take on an internship. Learning overseas means looking at yourself, your country and the world in a new way.

Why Honors at Rider?

Rider’s Honors Programs offer mind-changing learning, where big ideas and independent thinking are encouraged.