19.Dr. Chrystina Dolyniuk, professor of Psychology, Fulbright Specialists Program, Ukraine (2011)
Dr. Frank Rusciano, Political Sciences and Global Studies, Northern Ireland (2011)
17.Dr. Adriano Duque, Spanish, Traditional Fulbright Scholar Program, Syria (2009)
16.Dr. Robbie Clipper, English, Fulbright Distinguished Chair, to India, (2009)
15.Dr. Lauren B. Eder, computer information systems, Fulbright Specialist Program, to Panama (2009)
14.Dr. Richard Butsch, sociology, American studies, and film & media studies, Fulbright Distinguished Chair, to Italy (2008)
13.Dr. Pearlie Peters, English, Fulbright-Hays Seminar Abroad program (1999)
12.Dr. Bosah Ebo, communication, to Germany (1997)
11.Dr. Cengiz Haksever, management sciences, to Turkey (1993)
10.Dr. Sigfredo Hernandez, marketing, to Panama (1992)
9.Dr. Belmont Haydel, business policy/retired, to Uruguay (1989) and Jordan (1992)
8.Dr. Margaret Schleissner, German, to Germany (1988 and 1996)
7.Dr. James Goldsworthy, piano, to Austria (1987)
6.Dr. Alan McLeod, English, to India (1983)
5.Dr. Jonathan Mendilow, political science, to Yale University from Hebrew University (1980)
4.Dr. Marilyn Quinn, library, to Germany (1969)
3.Dr. Walter Eliason, education/retired, to Tunisia (1963), Costa Rica (1987), and Peru (1985)
2.Dr. Lynn Livingston, library, to Germany (1955)
1.Dr. Jean Gray, finance/retired, to Australia (1952)