When Dr. Dominick A. Iorio, Dean Emeritus, College of Liberal Arts and Science retired in 1997, an award for faculty research was established in his name. The award has been presented annually, with the recipients presenting their research publicly during the academic year.

1997Dr. Robin Leaver
1998Dr. Dominick Finello
1999Dr. Mohammad Ahsanullah
2000Dr. Susan Mandel Glazer
2001 Dr. Mary Leck
2002Dr. Richard Butsch
2003Dr. Ilhan Meric
2004 Dr. Donald C. Ambrose
2005Dr. Jack Sullivan
2006Dr. Ciprian Borcea
2007Dr. John Baer
2008Dr. Andrew Markoe
2009Dr. Roderick McDonald
2010Dr. Hope Corman
2011 Dr. Stefan Dombrowski
2012Dr. James Jordan