Presidential Search

Board of Trustees
Rider University
2083 Lawrenceville Road
Lawrenceville, NJ 


October 6, 2014

To: Rider University Community

Michael B. Kennedy, Chair of the Board of Trustees 
and Chair of the Presidential Search Committee

Subject: Presidential Search Update

Dear Members of the Rider University Community,

I am pleased to provide you with an update regarding Rider University’s Presidential Search. First, let me say that the Search Committee members are working well together and are committed to find the best candidate for Rider.

We spent the spring, summer and early fall reaching out to multiple constituencies on both campuses. We held more than 30 meetings with faculty, staff, students, administrators, alumni, local business leaders and political leaders.

In the spring and summer, we advertised the position and contacted more than 600 candidates for the position. To date, we have received and reviewed credentials for well over 120 individuals. The candidates represent a very diverse pool – current and former Presidents; Vice Presidents from higher education; leaders from not-for-profits; business and political leaders. Throughout the summer and fall, committee members had full access to all candidates’ credentials.

In June and again in August, the Committee met to conduct preliminary screenings of prospective candidates and to identify individuals for face-to-face interviews. The Committee spent September engaged in extensive interviews, referencing and vetting candidates. Of the total applicant pool of more than 120 candidates, the Committee focused our review on the 40 highest qualified applicants and narrowed the group to 10 candidates, with whom we conducted initial interviews. That group was further narrowed to five top candidates, with whom we are continuing our extensive referencing and additional background checks. We continue our work with a series of second round interviews, further referencing and screening this smaller group of candidates. We expect this process will continue through October.

Our plan is to identify at least two candidates to visit campus. Time will be set aside exclusively for members of the Board, faculty, administratration, staff and students to meet with each candidate. We are tentatively planning for these meetings to take place in early November.

Although we have attempted to be as transparent as possible about the progress of the search, a search of this sort requires great confidentiality concerning the names of the candidates themselves. I want to assure you that the search is on track, and we appreciate the trust that has been placed in us for this important work. 

Mike Kennedy