Rider University is an active and engaged participant in the Lawrenceville and Princeton communities, and supports the work of Sustainable Lawrence, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making our town a vibrant "ecomunicipality". We are members of the NJ Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability and the American Association for Sustainability in Higher Education.

We are working with our external vendors, like Aramark, our food service provider and Renewable Choice Energy, from whom we purchase offsets in the form of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to limit our carbon footprint. We also purchase Energy Star products and encourage individual departments to consider sustainability in their office products. Wherever possible, we try to adhere to US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED standards in construction.

We regularly complete a greenhouse gas emissions inventory through a calculator provided by Clean Air-Cool Planet. This information allows us to identify areas for improvement and monitor our progress. You can do the same thing by calculating your carbon footprint using a calculator provided by the EPA.

How can you reduce your environmental impact? Learn more about being green. Find food produced and sold locally, starting with the Trenton Farmer's Market, the Lawrenceville Farmer's Market and the Honey Brook Organic CSA. Ride a bike instead of driving, sign up for clean power from PSE&G, or go for a nature walk.