January 30, 2017

Dear Rider Community,

Our strategic planning process is nearing completion thanks to the good work of the six working groups and Steering Committee in the past year. Kudos to the faculty, administrators, staff, students, alumni, Trustees and external representatives, over 100 of you, who gave your time and energy and who contributed your ideas and thinking in developing a meaningful and realistic plan for Rider’s future. The Board of Trustees noted the strong level of engagement, work, and attention to the process as Trustees initially reviewed work to date earlier this month.

As you know, the Steering Committee identified five strategic themes that guided the goal setting and action planning by the working groups last semester. 

The strategic themes are:

  • Our unwavering focus on student growth and development
  • The branding, marketing and promotion of our University
  • The importance of our people
  • The strategic cultivation, management and investment of our resources
  • Our commitment to planning, implementation and continuous improvement

The Steering Committee consists of the Cabinet, deans, working group chairs, several Trustees and at-large faculty and students. The Committee, in turn, considered this work in developing a proposed new mission, vision, Rider PROMISE and draft plan outline for which we are seeking feedback from the broader university community.


We anticipate holding forums specific to the proposed strategic plan, mission and vision in early March. More to come on that later in February. In the meantime, I am scheduling small group discussions with faculty and staff in the next month to discuss a number of important topics, including hearing feedback regarding the proposed strategic plan outline, mission and vision, which are posted on the announcements channel on myRider.

Canvas Site
You can also share your thoughts via the Canvas site entitled Strategic Planning Feedback. Enroll on the site, if you haven’t already, at https://rider.instructure.com/enroll/RDRE76 and join the discussion. Further instructions can be found on the Canvas site. And, as always, reach out to Debbie Stasolla, Associate Vice President for Planning, via email at [email protected] or by calling 609-896-5228 with any feedback or questions you may have.

I look forward to our continuing work together in completing our next Strategic Plan while also moving forward with our Middle States self-study for which the site visit by a peer team of evaluators will take place a little over a year from now. All of this good work is setting the stage for the next phase of the University’s dynamic evolution as an institution that proudly serves its students with distinction.


Gregory G. Dell’Omo, Ph.D.

Working Groups and Steering Committee

The participation and support of our University community – faculty, staff, students, alumni and Trustees – are key to the success of this important work. Working groups, each focusing on a particular area, include representation from each of these constituencies.  The working groups and their chairs are as follows:

Strategic Planning Working Groups

  • Academic Excellence and Engaged Learning
    Jonathan Millen, chair
  • Student Enrollment, Experience and Outcomes
    Todd Weber, chair
  • Institutional Reputation and Branding
    Kelly Bidle, chair
  • Financial Resources
    Jason Chiu, chair
  • Facilities and Infrastructure
    Karin Klim, chair
  • Employee Engagement and Enrichment
    Donna Disbrow and Bosah Ebo, co-chair

Middle States Self-Study Working Groups

  • Standard V
    Ed Barboni, chair
  • Ethics, Integrity and Compliance
    Marshall Onofrio, chair