Grant Guidelines

Rider University provides assistance to faculty members and administrators interested in seeking external funding to support research, special projects, and other endeavors.  The following grant guidelines provide general instructions regarding how much time may be needed to complete a proposal, which individuals on campus need to be contacted prior to preparing a proposal, and what approvals will be required.


Develop Project IdeaFind Funding SourceReview Grant Opportunities & Requirements
Develop Proposal ConceptThroughly Review Grant GuidelinesIdentify and Meet Requirements
Develop Proposal BudgetRoute for Proper ApprovalReview, Edit and Submit Proposal


1.  Develop Project Idea

Identify problem or need to be addressed

    Articulate goals and objectives

      Consider outcomes and impact

        Inventory available University resources as well as outstanding needs

          Estimate time frame and anticipated costs for endeavor

            Discuss with Dean or Department Chair

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            2.  Find Funding Source(s)

            Review funding sources available on Grants and Research at Rider

            Contact Cathlene Leary-Elderkin for government funding sources ( / x7257) or Denise Pinney for corporate, foundation and nongovernmental grants ( / 5019). Both can assist you in various ways throughout the grant development process.

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            3.  Review Grant Opportunities and Requirements

            Review available Requests for Proposals (RFPs), grant guidelines and program announcements

            Consider feasibility of devising and implementing a project consistent with the other projects a funding organization may have funded in the past

              Consider the expertise required to oversee the grant

                Review the deadline for applications and the date by which the grant may officially begin

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                4.  Develop Proposal Concept

                With the grant guidelines in mind, begin to formulate a plan and framework for your endeavor

                Draft a rough budget  

                If your grant will support a special event, complete Rider’s Grant Event Approval Form 

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                5.  Thoroughly Review Grant Guidelines
                Determine whether there is a “good fit” between your goals and those of the organization

                Determine appropriate first step, ex. Letter of inquiry (LOI), proposal, or a conversation

                Review past funded grant awards and gifts (if available) to assess size and funding priorities of past grants

                Review items the organization will and won’t fund

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                6.   Identify and Meet Requirements

                Identify resources, equipment and space needs

                Contact HR if your grant includes personnel costs or requires new personnel to be hired.

                If working with a team, assign tasks to others to gather data, write sections, create attachments, and so forth.

                Create submission timeline

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                7.  Develop Proposal & Budget
                If submitting a federal or state grant, discuss the application process with Cathlene Leary-Elderkin ( or Mike Rutkowski (

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                8.  Route for Proper Approvals

                If submitting a government grant, complete Rider’s Grant Proposal Review Form within required timeframe (2 weeks before due date) and give to Mike Rutkowski along with your draft proposal and budget.  

                Proposals being submitted to corporations, foundations, professional organizations/NGO’s should be shared with Denise Pinney (

                Institutional Review Board (IRB) review will be required for all projects involving human or animal subjects research (allow extra time for this approval) 

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                9.  Review, Edit & Submit

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