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Rider University Lawrenceville Campus MapClick image for larger version

  1. Franklin F. Moore Library
    (Ground Floor: University Administrative Offices)
  2. Student Recreation Center
  3. Alumni Gymnasium
  4. Daly Dining Hall
  5. Joseph P. Vona Academic Annex (Learning Resource Center)
  6. Van Cleve Alumni House
  7. Zoerner House
    (Counseling Center)
  8. West House
    (Public Safety)
  9. President’s House
  10. Emmaus House
    (Catholic Student Center)
  11. Switlik Residence hall
  12. Conover Residence Hall
  13. Olson Residence Hall
  14. Gee Residence Hall
  15. Lincoln Residence Hall
  16. Kroner Residence Hall
  17. Wright Residence Hall
  18. Ziegler Residence Hall
  19. Hank and Bonnie Moore Residence Hall
  20. Hill Residence Hall
  21. North Hall
  1. Memorial Hall 
    (School of Education)
  2. Science and Technology Center
  3. Fine Arts Center & The Yvonne Center
  4. Anne Brossman Sweigart Hall
    (College of Business Administration)
  5. Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority
  6. Centennial House
  7. Alpha Xi Delta Sorority
  8. Zeta Tau Alpha Soroity
  9. Gill Memorial Chapel
  10. Poyda Residence Hall
  11. Maurer Physical Education Center
  12. West Village
  13. Omega House
  14. University House
  15. Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority
  16. Ridge House
  17. Lake House
  18. General Services Builidng
  19. The Bart Luedeke Center
    (Student Center)
  20. P.J. Ciambelli Hall

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