History of the Station

The station went on air November 1, 1962 under the call letters WRCR, and was located at 640 AM on the dial. Student Ira Kinder started the station, the advisor Gordon Graves was in charge of the Audio/Video Department. In 1965, the station changed the call letters from WRCR to WWRC, because a commercial station on the East Coast wanted the call WRCR. WWRC in exchange received equipment from the commercial station. The student–run station also saw a boost of popularity, and was moved to the basement of the Hill Dormitory. There housed was a main studio, production studio, record library, and two offices. This is where WWRC’s nickname “the dungeon,” began. At this time Rider was still known as Rider College, and had not offered a broadcasting major.

In 1971, the station was moved to the Student Center and the Communication Department had started to use the radio station for some classes. In 1984, the station changed their call letters and dial location once again to WRRC and 85.5FM. In the 80s, there was a burst of popularity and the station offered 24-hour programming. Administration feared for student safety and locked the new Student Center making it difficult for students to continue their shows past closing. WRRC was only able to stay on air 24 hours for a few short weeks. In 1992, the station moved to their current location on the dial, 107.7 FM.

In 2007, using automated programming, the station can offer programming for 24 hours, including winter and summer breaks. In summer of 2008, WRRC hired advisor John Mozes. With Mozes' radio experience, WRRC and administration hoped that Mozes could improve with the station’s image. Now known as 107.7 The Bronc, the station works closely with Rider University Athletics, airing all of the Men and Women’s Basketball Games. 107. 7 the Bronc has also teamed up with Rider Athletics, Aramark, and the Rider University Bookstore, to give away prizes during halftime at the basketball games.

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Content courtesy of Ashley Heilig, Class of 2009